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  • Posted on: May 17 2019
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My Success Story at the Nevada Center

When I came to see Dr. Shallenberger, I had been recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. My neurologist told me with my history of symptoms, I had probably had it for about 15 years or more. My symptoms included extreme fatigue, not being able to stay awake even when working, various short=term pains or numbness, inability to express my thoughts – stuttering, loss of words, and inability to focus on a given task. All of these contributed to depression and despair.

I was prescribed an MS drug, which I was told would not cure it but slow ti down. I had a severe adverse reaction to the drug. I asked my chiropractor if she knew of another way to deal with the MS, and she recommended the Nevada Center.

Dr Shallenberger recommended MAH treatments, specific supplements, and removal of the silver fillings in my teeth.

After doing all he suggested over the course of 9 months, I feel great! I can think! My ability to find words and communicate in a normal cadence is back. Playing tennis is a joy again not a struggle to focus. My brain MRI amazed my neurologist. I do not fall asleep at my computer and am happy to be active again.

Dr. Shallenberger, Art Paniagua, Dr. Hanson and ALL of the staff are wonderful, optimistic, helpful and caring! I know whenever I go to the clinic, someone will care about how I am feeling and will help me get to a better state of health. God has indeed blessed my life directing me here!

~ Joan L., Reno, NV

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