Neural Therapy

Neural Therapy | Holistic Healing | Detoxification | Carson City NV | Reno NVNeural Therapy is one of the most advanced and effective of all holistic healing modalities. It is quite similar to acupuncture, and involves using a very tiny needle to inject a mixture of novocaine and vitamin B12 into various points on the body. The injections are designed to remove “interference fields”.

Interference fields are traumatized areas of the body that interfere with the body’s innate healing process. We now know that many chronic disorders have one or more interference fields. These fields must be removed before the body can restore itself to health. Failure to remove these fields is the most common reason why a patient does not respond to treatment.

The following conditions usually respond nicely to neural therapy: allergies, headache, vertigo, hay fever, sinusitis, whiplash syndrome, painful scars, liver disorders, colitis, menstrual pain, endometriosis, joint and muscular rheumatism, reflex dystrophy, arthritis, all forms of neuralgia, restless leg syndrome, TMJ syndrome, and facial and jaw pain.

Oxy-Sauna™ Detoxification

Infrared Sauna with Oxygen

Neural Therapy | Holistic Healing | Detoxification | Carson City NV | Reno NVOxy-Sauna therapy combines all the many benefits of Far-Infrared (FIR) radiant heat with the cleansing and health enhancing effects of oxygen. The treatments occur in an open, comfortable natural wooden sauna, which heats up to about 120-130 degrees. The patient inhales 100% pure oxygen during the entire treatment time (about ½ hour). Since FIR penetrates the body’s tissues so effectively, it is not necessary to endure the uncomfortably high temperatures (typically 160-180 degrees) that are required for detoxification with conventional saunas.

What are the health benefits of spending time in a sauna?

The thermal effect causes bloods vessels and capillaries within the deep layers of the tissues to dilate. This promotes better circulation. Additionally, the heat causes the breakdown and release of toxins.

The health benefits of a FIR are numerous. In Oxy-Sauna therapy, the addition of 100% oxygen increases the efficacy of the treatment much more. Oxy-Sauna therapy is used both in the treatment of diseases and also for general therapy and well being. The benefits include: weight loss, improved circulation, pain reduction, and detoxification.

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