The Nevada Center is a unique, state of the art, full service medical clinic, offering individualized treatment programs for patients of all ages, and with all medical conditions. The emphasis is on treating the cause of disease, not merely the symptoms. We also specialize in measuring and treating the aging process with individualized programs targeted to increasing the length and quality of life, preventing disease, and maintaining the same level of physical, mental, and emotional well being that characterizes true health. We leave nothing out!

This website also offers Dr. Shallenberger's Super Immune QuickStart™, the only "one-stop" nutritional product available which provides all the supplementary nutrition, detoxification, and immune support that most people will ever need, in an easy and affordable daily "smoothie."

Dr. Shallenberger has developed a revolutionary new approach to health, aging, and disease prevention which is described in his groundbreaking two books, Bursting With Energy and The Type 2 Diabetes Breakthrough. Click here to find out how to order your copies and learn how to be bursting with energy for the rest of your life.

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