Dr. Shallenberger is a six time grandfather and four time father. He is one of the originals. He has been practicing medicine since 1973 and has been a pioneer in alternative/integrative medicine since 1978. He is one of only 16 physicians in Nevada that are licensed both in conventional medicine as well as alternative and homeopathic medicine. This allows him to integrate the best of both approaches for optimal results.


Dr. Shallenberger has revolutionized the practice of anti-aging and preventive medicine by developing a method to measure mitochondrial function and oxygen utilization. He has written two popular books describing this method, The Type 2 Diabetes Breakthrough and Bursting With Energy, and has authored numerous papers in the international peer reviewed literature on ozone therapy and oxygen utilization. He is also the editor of Second Opinion alternative medical newsletter.

Dr. Jeff Hanson, NMD, APH

Dr. Hanson is a licensed Advanced Homeopathic Practitioner in the State of Nevada and a licensed Naturopath in the state of California with a practice in South Lake Tahoe and Folsom, California. Dr. Hanson graduated from the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) in Portland, Oregon, the oldest school for natural and integrative medicine.

He specializes in the hCG Medical Weight Loss Program, having managed over 100 patients on the program and has seen an 80% success rate with patients losing greater then 20 pounds in 40 days, maintaining excellent energy, lose fat not muscle, and keeping the weight off.

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In addition to the weight loss program, Dr. Hanson is the clinic’s specialist in using the AllergyEasy Program. The program does not require testing, is very convenient, and is a no-shot, no-hassle, solution for treating allergies.

Dr. Hanson has a unique focus on treating heart disease using the Carotid Intima Media Thickness Scan to screen for plaque burden and to monitor the effectiveness of treatment. This scan detects cardiovascular disease in its earliest stages.

Dr. Hanson specializes in the use of Intravenous Therapeutics; having formulated a cocktail of nutrients including high dose vitamin c for treating acute viral infections. The Hanson Cocktail is a slam-dunk for colds/flu’s allowing the patient to be 80% better the next day. Also, great  post surgery, chemotheraphy recovery, and for general wellness.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement therapy to treat menopausal and low testosterone symptoms, Gut health, Diabetes, Hypertension, Fatigue, Ozone injections for joint pains and bladder problems, along with targeted nutrients for various health conditions are the many therapies and conditions that Dr. Hanson treats at The Nevada Center.

Lauren Bonamo, Certified Provider IASIS Neurofeedback

Lauren Bonamo is our certified Microcurrent Neurofeedback Provider. Microcurrent neurofeedback, is a type of biofeedback that monitors and alters brain wave patterns to improve brain function. The procedure involves electrodes being placed on the head. The electrodes carry the electrical brain waves to a computerized electroencephalographic system which then interprets and balances the various waves. Neurofeedback is an advanced, safe, soothing and gentle drug-free technology that works with your body to self-regulate the brain, it strengthens and enhances the overall function of the Central Nervous System.

The microcurrent neurofeedback system that we have been using at the clinic for the past five years is the latest technology called the IASIS system. Microcurrent neurofeedback is used to treat a wide variety of neurological disorders or imbalances including:  ADD, ADHD, addiction, anxiety, autism, anger, rage & fears, brain fog, Bi-polar, chronic pain and fatigue, memory disorders, depression, eating disorders, headache, insomnia, Lyme disease, PTSD, repetitive thoughts, panic attacks, stress relief and traumatic brain injury (trauma, concussion, hypoxia).

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