Fibromyalgia comes in two forms. The most common form stems from an injury. The most common injury is one to the neck following a whiplash accident. This form is best treated with Prolozone® Therapy, specialized chiropractic therapy, and oxytocin. Click here to see a video presentation on the treatment of fibromyalgia with the hormone oxytocin.

The other form is an autoimmune form in which the symptoms are caused by a combination of infections and decreased adrenal function. The infections are typically in the intestinal tract, sinuses, and teeth. And although they are infections, they are often without symptoms and overlooked. These infections are treated using natural therapies like ozone therapy and herbal therapy.

When it is appropriately treated, Fibromyalgia disease can be cured.


There are many causes of chronic headaches and migraines. Each case must be evaluated individually. Common therapies are hormonal therapies, especially thyroid; Prolozone® Therapy, orthomolecular/nutrition therapy, detoxification, Neural Therapy, herbal therapies, chiropractic therapy, and allergy therapy.


Unless there is a very undeniable surgical problem which is relatively rare, these conditions are curable using natural therapies. Each case must be treated individually but in general even the worst cases respond well to a combination of candidiasis therapy, Hydrozone Colon Therapy, bowel detoxification, adrenal therapy, ozone therapy, and antifungal, anti-parasitic, and anti-bacterial therapies.


Herpes infections are caused by a virus. A virus works by encoding itself on our DNA. Thus, it is not possible to eradicate a virus from the human body. Every virus you have ever been infected with is still in your body, but since an intact and fully functioning immune system can control viral replication, the viruses we have been infected with in the past usually never continue to cause an infection. So, once you are infected with the herpes virus, technically speaking the virus can never be eradicated from your body. However, because ozone therapy increases the efficacy of the immune system, even though the viral infection itself cannot be eradicated, the outbreaks can be greatly decreased and in some cases stopped. The best thing is to schedule a time to speak with the doctor about what you can reasonably expect when treating a chronic herpes virus infection.


At the annual meeting of the American Academy of Ozonotherapy, Dr. Shallenberger in conjunction with Dr. Emila Ripoll, reported on a series of 18 patients suffering from interstitial cystitis.

These were hard cases. Sixteen of the patients had been suffering from IC for more than five years, six had been suffering for over ten years, and three for over 20 years. All of them had tried every alternative and traditional therapy available, and were unresponsive to anything. All of them were using medications just to get by.

The doctors used a four part, three week treatment protocol that they developed together. Out of the 18 patients, 10 (55%) were completely cured in less than three weeks. Each one of these patients has remained cured for a minimum of three years follow up. Of the remaining 8 patients, only 2 had no response to therapy. The other six had a 60-90% improvement. All but the two unresponsive patients no longer required any medication for their symptoms. These are remarkable results for a disease that the Interstitial Cystitis Association says “has no cure.”


COPD can be significantly improved using a special inhaled version of hydrogen peroxide developed by Dr. Shallenberger in 2005. Intravenous hydrogen peroxide and orthomolecular/nutritional therapy are also very effective.


You won’t hear this from conventional doctors but autoimmune diseases including lupus are all caused by a combination of infections and decreased adrenal function. The infections are typically in the intestinal tract, sinuses, and teeth. And although they are infections, they are often without symptoms and overlooked. When these infections are treated using natural therapies like ozone therapy and herbal therapy lupus can be cured


Acute Lyme disease is initiated by the microbe borrellia which commonly infects certain ticks. If it is treated within a few weeks of the date of infection with the right antibiotics, it is almost always cured. However the chronic form of Lyme disease is a different condition. It is not an infection in the classic sense of the word and is almost never cured by antibiotics. To cure chronic Lyme disease a different approach is needed because this form of the disease is not caused by a microbe, and antibiotics won’t work. Chronic Lyme is just another form of an autoimmune disease, and as such is caused by a dysregulation of the immune system. When the immune system is treated using natural therapies like ozone therapy, adrenal therapy, and herbal therapy chronic Lyme can be cured


All forms of macular degeneration, dry, wet, and combination are effectively treated with ozone therapy. We have never seen any case of macular degeneration that progressed while being treated with ozone therapy. And 80% of cases actually improve in visual acuity and field measurements.


Memory loss can be caused by an imbalance of brain chemicals (see the video on brain chemistry), Metabolic imbalances; hormonal deficiency (see the video on Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy), decreased circulation secondary to atherosclerosis, or a combination of these causes. Each case must be evaluated individually. A combination of Bio-Identical hormone therapy, detoxification, ozone therapy, chelation therapy, orthomolecular/nutritional therapy, and metabolic therapy might be needed.

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