Anti-Aging Programs

Staying Younger, Longer

The Nevada Center is a unique medical health and fitness clinic designed to measure, treat, and slow the aging process. Each individualized program begins with an in-depth analysis of metabolic status, hormonal status, and age related bio-marker status. This is followed by the formulation of an individualized program of the necessary rejuvenation therapies. We leave nothing out! And we don’t have a one-size-fits-all mentality. Our goal is to offer all the latest diagnostic and regenerative therapeutics to restore youthful function and appearance, maximize quality of life, and prevent the diseases and infirmities of aging.

The Rate and Extent of Aging is Not Inevitable

As one renowned researcher in the aging process, Dr. Ward Dean, once said, “Aging is the only disease that everyone gets.” Sure we will all age and die one day, but how soon and to what extent that happens is determined by several known factors. Preventing aging is just like preventing any disease. By manipulating the factors that cause the aging process, aging can be delayed and even reversed. Dr. Shallenberger says, “If thirty years of medicine has taught me one thing, it’s that prevention is the only medicine that makes any real sense. No one wants to live forever, but most of us would like to live our “golden years” free from the disease and frailty that we so commonly see.”

Is anti-aging medicine for me?

The advanced anti-aging program offered at The Nevada Center is for anyone who is willing to spend some time, money, and energy earlier in life in order to save & reap the rewards later. This is a lifetime program based on an individualized program of proper diet, exercise, hormonal replacement, and supplements.

Anti-Aging Assessment and Modalities

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