Type 2 Diabetes Breakthrough (Paperback)


Dr. Shallenberger’s new book, The Type 2 Diabetes Breakthrough, was released by Health Publications in February 2006, and has received many rave reviews from both patients and physicians.

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Type II diabetes is at epidemic levels. Some authorities have estimated that one half of the adult population, that means half of the people reading this newsletter, will have it by the year 2020. That’s the bad news. The good news is that by applying the innovative lifestyle, hormonal, and nutrient information in The Type 2 Diabetes Breakthrough, you can guarantee that you will be in the half that doesn’t get it.

Not only that, but Dr. Shallenberger points out that Type 2 diabetes is a classic disease of aging. So by taking the precautions to avoid it, you will also be slowing down the aging process in general, as well as preventing all of the other age related diseases such as heart disease, strokes, dementia, etc.

Type 2 diabetes is fast reaching epidemic proportions in the United States. More than 17 million Americans have been diagnosed, and an estimated 16 million more have the disease but don’t know it yet. What’s worse, this disorder, formerly termed adult-onset diabetes, is being found in record numbers in adolescents and preteens. In fact, the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) recently announced that one in three children born in 2000 will ultimately develop the diabetes. Americans are desperate for answers. But according to Doctor Shallenberger, we have been looking in all the wrong places. The first is in prevention.

According to Dr. Shallenberger type 2 diabetes is 100% preventable. The key to preventing the disease is in discovering whether or not you have “pre-diabetes” – an extremely common condition that leads to diabetes. More than thirty million Americans have this condition. Using safe, natural methods, pre-diabetes can be reversed long before it actually develops into diabetes. The problem is that very few doctors are on the lookout for pre-diabetes. This book will teach you how to discover if you have pre-diabetes, and will tell you how to reverse it.

In The Type 2 Diabetes Breakthrough, Dr. Shallenberger also presents his revolutionary approach to treating type 2 diabetes. He documents his extensive research, which shows that the root of diabetes is a decrease in energy production and fat metabolism. He describes in detail his patented Bio-Energy Test for measuring energy production, an integral part of diagnosing and treating diabetes. He then shows how to correct the factors that lead to low energy production and stop the disease in its tracks.

At the core of his treatment protocol is his unique perspective on the proper use of bio-identical hormone replacement as an indispensable part of any comprehensive treatment plan. Hormone deficiencies often play the critical role that starts people down the road to diabetes in the first place. Replacing these deficiencies is often the critical difference between poor diabetes management and successful resolution of the disease.

Another innovative part of his program is his comprehensive, scientifically based nutritional strategies for diabetes. Strategies that combine the power of the right nutritional supplements along with the right diet. All of which, of course, are designed to maximize energy production. Dr. Shallenberger explains why the American Diabetes Association’s dietary guidelines are nothing more than a recipe for keeping the disease.

Another unique component of his treatment approach is an emphasis on optimizing liver function. Though conventional medicine focuses on the pancreas as the organ responsible for diabetes, Dr. Shallenberger has proven that the liver is the primary organ of importance in most cases.

And of course, Doctor Shallenberger considers exercise to be an integral part of any successful treatment plan for type 2 diabetes. But not just any form of exercise will do. The exact level and type of exercise necessary is based upon the results of the Bio-Energy Test. In fact, Dr. Shallenberger’s research has shown that most diabetics who exercise are working out too hard to get well!

Rounding out Dr. Shallenberger’s program are vital stress-reduction and sleep recommendations to improve blood sugar control and overall health.

Despite all of conventional medicine’s attempts at treating and preventing diabetes, it’s incidence continues to soar. It’s time for a new – proven – approach. It’s time for The Type 2 Diabetes Breakthrough.

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