Persevering through Parkinsons

On Sept. 15, 2015, we had an appointment with Dr. Shallenberger for my husband Lewis Nagel who had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2014.

He only tried the “standard” protocol of meds for Parkinson’s for one month and got worse–besides getting a pinched sciatic nerve (possibly from exercises he had been advised to do). He also stuttered very badly and got very frustrated as well as had severe anxiety.

I pushed him through the airport-he couldn’t walk far on his own, and needed crutches or a walker to get around. He was unable to drive, was not sleeping at night, and had severe pain due to his pinched nerve. We were so glad to finally have an appointment after a several month wait.

Immediately Dr. Shallenberger switched my husband to his amino acid therapy, gave him something to sleep better, and gave him several injections of prolozone for his pinched nerve.

Upon returning home, my husband was able to walk through the airport at the luggage pickup place. Our neighbor who picked us up was very surprised. She asked, “Is that Lewis in there walking in the airport?”

We returned back to our home in about a week and slowly my husband began to get better! He was finally able to sleep. His pinched nerve got better and 2 months after he started on the amino acid therapy, he renewed his driver’s license. His flat effect (no expression on his face) reversed and his walking and posture continued to improve. His anxiety went away and he even does stationary bicycle and walks on the treadmill. Last Saturday afternoon, we went for a hike with our church members. My husband was able to walk the whole 5 mile hike which was up and down Pacific Coast Trail in Palm Springs totaling 4 hours.

We praise the Lord for Lewis’ great improvement and are thankful that Lewis’ brother Charles had received Dr. Shallenberger’s health reports and subsequently told us about The Nevada Center. I have gotten my husband back and our child has gotten his dad back.

God Bless,
Marsha and Lewis Nagel

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