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Vitamin Therapy - I Feel 500% Better

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012, 1:30 pm

I feel 500 percent better than when I walked into your office. I felt then as if I had a permanent case of the flu.

Dr. Shallenberger taught me how to discover my food allergies: This led to getting rid of my cough.

He taught me how to manage my edema: I am now able to walk easily again.

He pointed out that my sleep apnea was being caused by my undiagnosed and untreated daytime oxygen saturation – not just my nighttime saturation, which was the focus of other doctors.

He instantly recognized my serious thyroid deficiency: It had been completely missed.

He ordered lab tests much more comprehensively than my traditional doctors.

Dr. Shallenberger got me on a good regime of vitamin therapy, thereby allowing for overall better health.

~ James D.

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