Prolozone Treatment for Knees & Back

From walker and cane, pain and fears, reclusion and limitations to flexibility, movement, agility, comfort, and a real life. Oh great joy!

I was scheduled for knee replacement surgery and had back problems as well. A doctor friend who had had Prolozone referred me to the Nevada Center. They used Prolozone to treat my knees and back.

I love the way I could continue my work without the interruption that surgery and recovery would have been. I get it now…the body knows how to heal itself. Just give it nutrients and oxygen to assist the process. What an easy and amazing process!

Now friends and family agree that I am more flexible then I’ve been in tens of years. I move with a grace and speed I could not have imagined. I sit down and get up with ease. I bend and twist, reach up, and crouch down. Last week I climbed a ladder! My life is again full and rich, and comfortable.

I also began taking Bio-Identical Hormones: Now I sleep deeply, am comfortable in a much wider range of warmth and cold. My skin, hair, and nails have improved. I have energy and enthusiasm. I feel years younger. I found my happy again!

Miracles indeed!! Thank heavens for Doctors Shallenberger, Brady, and Hanson! I call them Doc Miracle, Doc Wonderful, and Doc Amazing. I am grateful for their willingness to go beyond traditional health care, for their wisdom, knowledge, experience, skills, and true caring. I am grateful for Dr. Shallenberger’s books and newsletters filled with insights and information. I am grateful for everyone at the Nevada Center for the way they work together cheerfully and for their consistent kindness, support, and expertise.

~ Kate from Reno, Nevada

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